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NAME: Emily
AGE: 25
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NAME: Uchiha Sasuke
CANON: Naruto: Shippuuden
AGE: 17
CANON POINT: Chapter 699, directly following the release of the Infinite Tsukuyomi
BACKGROUND: His extensive personal wiki page.

At first blush, Sasuke is reserved, terse, and serious. He takes a no-nonsense approach to both long-term goals and daily tasks, usually completing them in ways he finds most efficient and — when it comes to his more important ambitions — with an unyielding focus. While this intensity is often propped up as an ideal for shinobi, Sasuke did not grow into it naturally. As a child he was far more expressive and optimistic, with a determined if shy personality. During this time he developed the dual inferiority and superiority complex that he’d carry into adulthood; his father’s high expectations and withholding nature caused him to develop a strong need to succeed alongside the assumption that he should. This was further complicated when at age eight his clansmen — including his parents — were slaughtered by his elder brother Itachi who left him with an order to acquire even more strength and avenge their loss against him.

Socially this event put Sasuke into a state of arrested development. He isolated himself from his peers because he believed that they were incapable of understanding his new burdens, became far more reserved and quiet, began to manifest new anger issues, and started living entirely on his own. As much as he hated this loneliness it allotted him more time to train and with fewer distractions, causing him to also focus less and less on his own happiness. This idea of duty and goals over self (even when those goals were potentially selfishly motivated) is one that sticks with him through to the end of the series itself.

Because Sasuke is such a loner he struggles with teamwork and is in fact only shown to succeed at it whenever it isn’t conflicting with his goals (as soon as he decides he’ll become stronger by abandoning Naruto and Sakura he does so, for example, along with abandoning his own Team Taka later as well in order to chase a target). When he is actually working in a team he naturally volunteers himself for a leadership position and adopts it with or without consent from his teammates. He’s uncompromising and stubborn with his decisions, a personality trait which is even more apparent after the time skip (from age thirteen at the end of Naruto to sixteen at the beginning of Naruto: Shippuuden) due to an extended period away from any of his positive bonds in Konoha. This also shows in his defiance to authority. Again, as with teamwork, should someone give him an order that falls in line with his own wants or ambitions, Sasuke is willing to go along with it. If not, his pride and lack of concern for others’ opinion of him leads to him being all too ready to refuse… sometimes violently (as in the case of him literally backstabbing multiple mentors and teammates).

Despite his prickly demeanor Sasuke does possess a genuine respect for life, avoiding killing when possible but not hesitating when he feels it’s unavoidable. Which leads to another major part of Sasuke’s personality: his extreme emotions.

While again he’s stoic on the outside, this is a carefully maintained exterior. Sasuke is extremely emotional and has a few triggers (mostly family-related) capable of setting off his considerable anger. When this happens throughout the series his personal morality takes a backseat to his violent tendencies. That said, this rage is canonically confirmed to be the result of an even stronger capability to love; the bonds Sasuke forms are very important to him and experiencing any loss of them affects him both powerfully and negatively.

The goals Sasuke values so highly are also regularly suggested to (or outright commanded of) him by others throughout the series. For example, Itachi tells him to avenge the clan, Obito manipulates him into hating Konoha, etc. By the end of the series however Sasuke gains the ability to think critically and begins questioning the world around him with greater sincerity. He has a genuine desire to improve the world so that people like him will no longer be created through tragedy, and he’s shown to regret hurting Naruto and Sakura and the others he’s betrayed. His guilt over these incidents is extremely weighty, adding to his already existent survivor’s guilt. That said, at his canon point he’s looking to the future and researching how he can best aid those in Konoha with whom he’s repairing his relationships.

Sasuke’s most meaningful bonds are easily with Naruto (his best friend and rival) and with his older brother Itachi (the man who killed their family but was later revealed to be protecting Sasuke). While it’s undeniable that these relationships are complicated, he deeply loves both. Other important relationships are those with the other two members of Team 7, Sakura and Kakashi, and those he has with his new Team Taka in Shippuuden. He compares the latter to the former more than once and relies on them heavily for aid.

As for other more specific personality traits, Sasuke is a bit of a perfectionist thanks to that inferiority complex. He's also seen as being very neat and spartan when it comes to his living arrangements, viewing his personal surroundings as unimportant and decorations as unnecessary. His hobbies are walking and training. He's very reasonable and logical but has a very impressive temper if it can ever be sparked (as mentioned earlier). While he's quite traditional and well-bred thanks to his roots in an old and elitist clan, Sasuke tends to be very rude and disrespectful. Additionally, he's frequently called a genius in his village — and outside of it, when his reputation further grows — and is a very quick learner. Finally, he's the subject of constant romantic attention from females of all ages throughout the series, of which he's either ignorant or ambivalent.

Sasuke is highly trained in hand-to-hand combat, with reflexes honed to split-second reactions. He is also capable of superhuman strength in his strikes, punching through rock and knocking opponents flying back many meters. His fight style is nigh-gymnastic, needlessly showy and featuring flips and jumps alike, and he’s trained his body to be incredibly fast. This speed is regularly confused in the manga with actual teleportation.

Sasuke utilizes a wide variety of shinobi weaponry over the course of the series. Like most ninja he’s outfitted with and trained in the utilization of shuriken and kunai, though he has several others he also uses which are unique to him. These include a large fuuma shuriken that he occasionally rigs to detach its blades for a secondary attack, razor wire, and a chokuto which he wields ambidextrously.

Sasuke has the ability to cast powerful illusions that affect all five senses and cause a variety of effects. These include rendering the target unconscious, relaying information, extracting information, and even controlling the target.

Basic ninjutsu/chakra control:
Henge no jutsu/Transformation: allows the user to disguise him or herself as another person or object.
Bunshin no jutsu/Cloning: the user forms one or more clones of him or herself
Kawarimi no jutsu/Substitution: the user swaps their body with another object prior to an attack in order to escape it unharmed
Kuchiyose no jutsu/Summoning: the user draws blood from him or herself in order to summon a member of a species of animal with which they have a contract; Sasuke possesses a contract with both snakes and hawks

Shinobi also have the ability to manipulate their chakra flow to allow them several other boons. These include affixing themselves to objects, which allows them to climb up walls, hang from ceilings, or even walk on water, and using chakra in bursts of energy to enhance their jumps.

Elemental ninjutsu:
Of the five basic elements that shinobi utilize through “nature transformation” of their chakra, Sasuke has a natural inclination towards two: fire and electricity. Fire techniques are a staple of the Uchiha clan in particular and consist typically of the ninja breathing it out in a variety of attacks. Sasuke can shape this fire, as is evidenced by the dragon-like appearance of one of his jutsu, and also likes to guide his flames along razor wire or conceal shrunken within them for a dual attack.

Sasuke also possesses control over electricity, a form of nature transformation with which he is much more flexible. He molds these jutsu into a wide variety of shapes, something that is remarked upon as unusual and requiring considerable skill. Examples include stretching his normal Chidori (a straight jab with an arm coated in electrical energy) several meters to strike at a distance, condensing this energy into small senbon which he throws like darts, and even utilizing the energy of a thunderstorm to control a bolt of lightning and force it to take the shape of a dragon.

Sharingan: The Uchiha have a unique hereditary technique called the sharingan, an eye-based power or doujutsu. When the sharingan is active the user's eyes appear red and dotted with one to three tomoe, depending on mastery, and it has a number of inherent abilities. First, the user can see chakra clearly. This means that they can see someone's true form if they are using a henge, can see if someone is a bunshin or an actual person, and can clearly differentiate between chakras from different sources. Second, the sharingan offers enhanced visual perception. The user can read slight muscle twitches and chakra fluctuations to even predict how an opponent is going to move, allowing them to respond extremely quickly to attacks and suss out complex high-speed movements. Third, the sharingan has the ability to both cast powerful genjutsu and to break them, giving the user a way to escape and see through illusions. These sharingan illusions are unique in that they can allow a user to directly enter a victim's subconscious and interact with them, with the further ability to manipulate and control the bijuu (extremely powerful demons in the Naruto universe). Finally, and most importantly, the sharingan has the ability to copy any physical motion it sees. While this enables someone with the sharingan to perfectly mimic handwriting or fight styles, for a shinobi it's even more significant because it automatically copies any jutsu it sees as well (with the notable exception of genetic techniques such as kekkei genkai or jutsu that the user physically just cannot use). In terms of jutsu there are also two significant but very rarely used techniques also available to sharingan users, Izanagi and Izanami. Both cause blindness in one eye after a single use. Izanagi quite literally distorts reality (yes, I can't believe I have to type this either), and essentially erases selected events occurring just before its use. Izanami is an extremely powerful genjutsu which forces the victim to relive a series of events in perpetuity until they accept the consequences of choices they have made and choose a new path.

Mangekyou Sharingan: An advanced form of the sharingan, the mangekyou exists both in its regular form and its eternal form, both of which Sasuke possesses. The first ability of the mangekyou is Amaterasu, an inextinguishable black flame said to burn as hot as the sun and which ignites whatever the user looks at. The second is Susanoo, a monstrous warrior composed entirely of chakra which can be used as a powerful shield or to attack. Sasuke can summon Susanoo either in full or in part (he defends himself by enclosing himself just in its ribcage, for example), and his is also outfitted with a bow and arrows. In addition to these powers each mangekyou user has one power that is entirely specific to the individual. Sasuke's is the ability to manipulate the flames of Amaterasu; this means that he uniquely can stop it from burning once its started and also force it to take new shapes. Primarily he chooses to coat Susanoo in Amaterasu as a further precaution and offensive tactic.

Rinnegan: The final doujutsu Sasuke has access to is the rinnegan. The main set of abilities attributable to the rinnegan are known collectively as the Six Paths Technique and they are as follows:
- Deva Path: the user controls attractive and repulsive forces, allowing them to push someone or something away from them or draw them in close
- Asura Path: the user can mechanize his or her body
- Human Path: the user can extract another person's soul
- Animal Path: the user has the ability to summon a variety of specific individuals animals (panda, ox, multi-headed dog, drill-beaked bird, chameleon, centipede, crustacean, and rhino)
- Preta Path: the user can absorb chakra from jutsu directed at them or from contact with other sources
- Naraka Path: the user can summon the King of Hell, a being who then kills any victim who tells a lie to the user while it's active

The rinnegan also has several other properties. For example, it allows the user control over any of the elemental nature transformations. Furthermore, anyone who's mastered the rinnegan can create and use chakra receivers which allow them to transfer their energy to anyone -- or anything -- with one of the receivers embedded. This is through the final path, the Outer Path, which also grants the user the ability to manifest binding chakra chains and to revive deceased individuals in exchange for the user's life (the range of this ability is poorly defined in canon, unfortunately, ranging from a large group of recently deceased people to just one dead for many years). Finally, Sasuke's rinnegan also allows him to teleport by exchanging his place with that of another object, and to open portals to other dimensions. Now, please applaud yourself for reading this whole thing; I'm sorry I put you through this.

Nerfing: Sasuke has several powers that would be considered game-breaking. I'd submit that his inter-dimensional travel would naturally be entirely impossible and that his summons and Susanoo be unable to be manifested at full size while on the ship.

The only items Sasuke would have on his person are his clothes, his chokuto Kusanagi, and a small amount of kunai and shuriken.

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[ He's far from tech-savvy enough to have investigated the possibility of anonymously posting his text messages. A pity, really. It offends his natural shinobi sensibilities, though he's simultaneously attached to his own facts opinions and unafraid to own them. ]

It should be clear to more than just me that there's a deficiency in restaurant quality aboard this ship. Whether under-seasoning or over-seasoning, employee training isn't rigorous enough. Too much is slipping through the cracks.

I have no intention of starting a petition because people should realize the need for change without one. However, if you work in food service, change your ways.
[ Or risk having to scroll past his rude-ass criticisms a second time. Uchiha Sasuke has endured under-salted meat for the last time. ]


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