September Open & Closed

Sep. 19th, 2017 08:58 pm
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Out On The - Open To All

Natasha is out. It's been a while. She's been hitting the bars less since she started drinking blood again on the sly; she didn't need the poor substitute as much, and she didn't want the temptation that came with it.

She had to be careful with this. She didn't want to be who she was before, when she was feeding on humans. So far, she thinks she's doing okay.

So out tonight, it's because she really does want the drink. She also wants to be around people, to watch them, maybe to chat with them. She can be found out, sitting at the bar or at a table that can be seen, not hiding away in the corner, nursing a gin and tonic or maybe a whiskey sour.

If she sees someone she knows, she's quick to invite them to join her. "One on me?" she offers. "I could use some company."

Home Is Where - Closed to Evie

It's not a surprise when Natasha comes by. She texted on her way over, showing up with takeout Thai food and a bottle of red wine. It's normal. They do this so often—food, some drinks, maybe a movie, and time together on the couch.

The difference, this time, is that after dinner and before putting on a horror flick about a family moving into a haunted house, Natasha bows her head a little and licks her lips, a thoughtful, expression. She doesn't have many tells, and she hides them well when she wants to, ut Evie would know her well enough by now to know there's something on her mind.

It may still be a surprise when she says, "I was thinking, we should talk about that thing you brought up at the tournament."


Hit me up with something else, or let me know if you want me to write another starter.

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Sep. 19th, 2017 08:04 pm
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who: Sombra & Khisanth
what: a run-in! literally.
when: nowish
where: somewhere in the city, toward the first fence
warnings: n/a

all my friends are heathens )

katherine please

Sep. 19th, 2017 03:33 pm
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Arthur pays attention to things like police bulletins for a reason. He knows there's tampering but there are still patterns that emerge when you have a city as full of supernaturals as London is and if someone knows what to look for they can probably tell that someone's getting a little rowdy. When everything happens so close to the full moon, that's another clue, so Arthur has a pretty good idea that he's going to uncover something when he starts reaching out to his fellow hunters and contacts within Hillingdon. He starts asking very pointed questions about the werewolves and whether anyone's noticed anything and if someone comes into the office he's taken over they'll notice a portion of his board has now been taken over by fishy news articles and notes about the wolves.

Arthur doesn't get much from within Hillingdon alone, so he ends up contracting a few hunters to go out and gather some information for him. That's just to cover more ground while he goes out himself and does a little snooping of his own. He finds himself at a few community centres and shops during the day, and during the night he finds himself at the bars that are run and frequented by werewolves. He doesn't quite fit in there but he does his best, keeping his head down and keeping chatter light so he doesn't draw too much attention to himself. Sometimes he's meeting a contact, but other times he's just trying to overhear something that might give away the plan of everything that's going on.

One of these particular nights he shows up to a bar and looks around briefly before he makes a beeline for the bartender. It's a short conversation - he describes the person he's looking for and the bartender gestures to the door as he tells him they've already left - and Arthur looks pretty perturbed as he turns away and curses under his breath. He knew this particular contact was flighty and he even showed up a few minutes early to try and catch them if they were going to bolt. The problem is, Arthur doesn't know now if he's been told on to any of the wolves in this bar, and if he has he's in a bit of a dangerous situation.

And he didn't bring a gun.

Well, fuck.

The bruises haven't quite healed up yet but he looks somewhat presentable again, so when a hunter trades him a bit of info about a particular wolf who isn't following the pack directive, Arthur follows up as soon as he can. The best way to reach her just seems to be showing up at her work, so Arthur shows up later one afternoon after school's been out an hour or so. It'd be weird enough barging in with a bunch of kids still around, so they don't need to see his black eye. After he slips into the building he does a quick search of the classrooms until he finds her sitting at her desk. He knocks on the door frame and tilts his head curiously.


[ooc; other prompts can and will be added! if you want anything different just send me a PM or hmu at [ profile] dreamalittlebigger]
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who: Laura and you.
what: A hospital check-up gone very very wrong.
when: ~9/22/17 at the hospital, ~9/25/17 elsewhere.
where: The Riverview Hospital.
warnings: Some non-suicidal self-harm from a fast-healing child, traumatic reactions and panic attacks, loss of family, emotional stuff, etc. Lots of juicy introspection and diving into her mindset atm. Feel free to jump in wherever you'd like to contact me on plurk for plotting if you're unsure where to jump in! I've bolded potential things to have your character react to, as apology for getting so goddamn prose-y, but feel free to find whatever spot you wanna wedge into.

Strange little girl, where are you? Strange little girl, where are you going? )

[ catchall ]

Sep. 19th, 2017 04:50 pm
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who: Jon + CR
what: Catchall + Stuff
when: September
where: Near, far, wherever you are.
warnings: N/A at the moment

I'm more than a bird, more than a plane )
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who: Ava and Friends
what: Catchall log for September
when: All month
where: Around town
warnings: Will warn if anything comes up, etc

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video | un: detdecker

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:50 pm
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[It's the first time in awhile since she's appeared on the network; those that know her may recognize that her usually calm demeanor was frayed by the edge of tension settled in her shoulders. A rigid frown mars her features as she adjusts the video feed, brows drawn in consideration before she speaks.]

Have there been any cases here of people suddenly developing some kind of... ability? A-- "magic" kind...?

[God, it feels stupid to even word it like that, but she's given up trying to make excuses or pretend it isn't what it is. She's been here long enough to know this place didn't follow 'normal' standards.]

If so, I'd appreciate any information about it. Especially a way to get rid of them. Or at least control them. I kind of need an expert here. [A tired sigh, followed by her rubbing her temples in small circular gestures, probably without even noticing.]

Anyhow, thanks in advance.

video / action

Sep. 18th, 2017 03:40 pm
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Who: Fie Claussell & You
Broadcast: Yes
Action: On Planet and/or Iskaulit
When: September 17th, early afternoon

[Since the news of impending doom's spread, Fleeters are doing their best (or okayest) to get citizens off the planet, and Fie's doing some work of her own. A random planet dweller here or there is fine, but her focus is mostly elsewhere. Since she's limited in her abilities right now--thanks lack of ARCUS quartz-- she sticks to what she can deal with well: plants.

Anyone on the planet or aboard the Iskaulit for a period of extended time, might notice Fie popping in and out with different bundles of supplies each time. Eventually, on the planet, she stops to sit somewhere (hopefully) out of the way to address her concerns.]

I've gathered as many plant samples and seeds as I can find for now, and I've temorarily set them up on the garden on the Iskaulit. From what I saw of the farming here, we could likely set it up on a few of the bigger ships, but the machine parts are sizable-- too big for several normal humans to carry comfortably. Maybe disassembling it would be easier...

Is anyone free to help with that? Or are people already focused on it? If there's something organized already, I want to help.

( open ) slow i'm getting up

Sep. 17th, 2017 09:05 pm
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who: Cassian Andor + open!
what: rebel spy poorly adjusts to civilian life
when: mid september?? whatever is convenient
where: various! multi-choice.
warnings: will edit as necessary!

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who: Tony Stark and YOU
what: someone wakes up from a coma?
when: end of September to early October
where: hospital, the loft he shares with Steve and Bucky, his partially ruined workshop, wherever?
warnings: none at the moment, will be updated as necessary!
other: Hit me up on plurk or via pm if you want a starter! Or, feel free to just come across him at any of the places mentioned above. He will also be catching up on lost coffee consumed.

that was a little bit much dont you think? )

( voice | un: vakarian )

Sep. 17th, 2017 04:35 pm
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Now I haven't been here for more than a couple of months, but all these festivals? It makes me wonder if there is any sort of effort being made on our hosts' part to get people home. I like having a good time just like anyone else, but when the "good times" are a week long every month it's maybe time to start questioning how dedicated they really are. I don't think two to two and a half weeks without the distraction of another festival on the mind are really enough.

That is the Turian in me speaking, of course. The down time - even with all the strange crap that happens - is starting to get to me.

But no, really. What is the point in having a week long celebration every month? 


Sep. 17th, 2017 01:21 pm
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Who: Kaidan Alenko
Broadcast: Fleetwide video!
Action: Vaguely planetside, if desired
When: Today!

[The second Kaidan turns on the feed, the sound is distant and barely controlled chaos. He's moved into a side room near one of the space ports in the area, and the air is filled with the buzzing and chiming of a great many comm feeds going off in rapid succession, the constant chatter of traffic controllers almost a drone of noise over the top of it all. In addition, the noise outside can just be made out - the terrified shouting of civilians and the low whir and roar of engines as shuttles come and go.

Kaidan doesn't look scared at all. Strained, at best, but his gaze on the camera is one of steely focus.

I've done what I can to reach out the Lyukite military to help coordinate their efforts down here. I'm sure most of the captains are ready and willing to lend their ships, but if we deploy our shuttles we can double our efforts.

I need a count of how many operational shuttles we have in the fleet, their capacity, and the names of a pilot for each that's willing to do some heavy duty for the next couple of days, and then I'll patch that list over to the command center down here so they can add us to the schedule of evacuation and supply runs.

The more smoothly this runs, the better.

I've had to stand by and watch a world get destroyed because I couldn't do anything about it. [His voice cracks, just a little] But not this time. Not a chance.

-1 thief

Sep. 17th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Hey guys, long story short this ended up being very bad timing for me to attempt a return to rp-land, so I'm going to withdraw for the moment and try to come back when life settles down....thanks so much to everyone who welcomed me and played with Parker <3 it's been a blast and I'm sorry to go, but hopefully it won't be for long ;; 

stay awesome <3 


Sep. 17th, 2017 04:31 pm
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who: loki & tony (616s)
what: tony has woken up from his coma and pays the godling a visit.
when: forward-dated to whenever essie wishes eyy.
where: the sanctum sanctorum.
warnings: tba

Hey you, Baby Blues, show me what you're gonna do )

4 [@dodger//video]

Sep. 17th, 2017 09:45 am
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[When the feed switches on, he's fixing his phone's position. His face isn't visible, but it is possible to see the outline of the wraps on his wrists, and the tattoos stretching up across his forearms.

Then he moves back to a stool set up in the room, perfectly lit and angled so that he's just barely obscured enough to show his silhouette without much detail in his appearance. He's not wearing his favorite hoodie for once, just a black band t-shirt with his silver necklace pulled out to be visible over the shirt. His gold necklace is still hidden under it.

The figure is in the middle of Eichi Tenshouin's bedroom, in the Tenshouin estate. Behind him, though the room is rather dark aside from a light he set up to light him from behind, the audience will be able to see a room that is mostly barren aside from a few posters of Wataru Hibiki, a bed and a desk covered in neatly-organized music sheets. It's a place that's really only recognizable if someone knew the original owner, and otherwise looks like a set rather than somewhere that someone lived.

For those who have yet to meet him, the figure in the video is Jamie Dodger. He's missing his right eye, there are deep scars across his face, and there are gauze wraps over his wrists that hide half of his forearms. For a man of only 25, he looks like he's walked through hell, but for once he isn't trying to boost up his street cred by threatening the network as a whole.

Instead he simply pulls out a guitar from behind the stool, and begins playing. The song he sings is slow and melancholy, a tribute for the man that he has spent nearly three weeks now mourning and is trying so hard to get over. Eichi had never gotten to hear him play... so he guesses it's sort of wishful thinking that playing publically would make him feel better about that, even if Eichi is no longer here to know it.

Though most people won't know the struggle that brought this song around, at least the music is good. Dodger is a skilled musician, and his voice is deep and gruff without sacrificing much range. More than anything, there's a lot of emotion in his singing. And when the song is over, he is silent for several seconds before getting up and wordlessly shutting off the feed.

[Open] Come away little light

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:20 am
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who: Rey and OTA
what: Rey coming to the conclusion she would be here for sometime and CR building.
when: 9/16--9/20
where: Around town
warnings: None, will be updated as needed.

In the beginning, Rey was dead set on finding a way home. She wanted--no, needed to find a way back home. There were things she had to do. She had to find Luke, she had to give him his lightsaber and...hopefully, he would train her. Given her connection to the Force, she would need to be trained. There would come a time when she would face Kylo Ren again, and she had to be prepared, but now that she was stuck in this place. What would she do?

To the ones appointed to see it through )


Sep. 17th, 2017 12:41 am
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who: Ciel, Jason Todd, Undertaker, Beverly Crusher
what: Ciel has an asthma attack
when: 9/17
where: Book store, hospital
warnings: None?

maybe there's good cause to be honest )

text; @b.crusher

Sep. 16th, 2017 08:15 pm
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There's something I've been thinking about over the past few months of being here: the portal appears to have a distinctly Human bias. I'm Human myself but I come from a universe with hundreds, if not thousands of other sapient species, yet the three of us who are here from that universe are all Humans. What's more is that no one else I've talked to here has ever encountered or even heard of the other people we share our galaxy with, no more than I'd known of Asgardians or Elves or the Prawn before I arrived. On the other hand, despite vast other differences in our realities here, most people seem to know about Humans, which seems strange to me. Surely there must be an infinite number of universes out there without Humans, right? So why are there no representatives of those worlds? Or simply more representatives of a wider variety of peoples?

Now, if this was one of the historical portals built by the inhabitants of the planet we orbit, I wouldn't think as much of it - perhaps they'd specifically target realities that were closest to their own. But if this one is supposedly a natural occurrence, then why this pattern of selection?

Any thoughts on this?

[Because surely, she can't be the only one thinking about it.]

[closed] mission: carnivorous harvest

Sep. 16th, 2017 03:45 pm
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who: hana song, genji shimada, x'rhun tia, shigeru miyata, keith, shiro
what: the carnivorous harvest mission
when: sept. 15-18
where: the jungle; outside of the abandoned city walls
warnings: none foreseen; will update as necessary

this team comp is toxic pls switch )


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