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ic contact ; riverview

username: s.uchiha
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there's a lady here
and seh's getting me water but i don't like her she's rude and got blue eyebags
can yo come
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(is he?

too many people have tried to touch him and bump him hard. the strobing lights throw off his perception and make everyone seem like they're moving in slow motion; with his vision impaired, it looks like a genjutsu. his body feels heavy and his acute desire for water isn't being sated with the small glass he's been given.

don't know i think i got drigged
can you come?
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i don't kow she said it's a rave but i don't know where that is
the people at the flower destival said i could get good drinks so i wen tehre and had a bunch and now it's lie this
every light is so bright but you can't see anything
i can't close my eyes because i could get atacked

i'll use more chakra

(that way he can find him, right? he'll increase his output, he's got plenty.)
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(he takes great comfort in knowing sasuke's coming to get him, wondering dizzily if it's pathetic. maybe.)

there were street stalls and a marketo n the left, then a movie threatre farther down
i just went to the place the younger people were heading becausei got too curious
but then form there i don't know
it's big in here the walls look like metal
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(briefly pressing the phone to his forehead.)